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Investment Management Services

Kershner Grosso furnishes investment management services to clients, including individuals, trusts, corporations, and other business entities. Thomas Kershner, Ph.D., and/or Kershner Grosso, also serve as a trustee or co-trustee for a number of clients.

The term “investment management services” is defined as providing portfolio management services to clients with respect to the investment of assets in a client’s account. We provide such services on a discretionary basis (i.e., Kershner Grosso makes specific investment decisions for a client without first obtaining the client’s approval), although we may consider a non-discretionary arrangement under certain circumstances.

Investment supervisory services begin with Kershner Grosso working with each new client to identify the client’s investment objectives and their tolerance for risk. We then develop an investment plan for their account(s) and we manage the client’s assets in a manner consistent with the client’s investment objectives.

Kershner Grosso has discretionary authority for each account we manage. We make all investment decisions for the account. Our firm, without prior consultation with the client, will buy, sell, and otherwise trade in stocks, bonds, other securities and other financial instruments, subject to the investment guidelines and/or instructions that have been established for each client’s account.

Investment advice and portfolio decisions are based primarily upon the judgment and experience of Kershner Grosso’s principals after analyzing all available information deemed relevant. Clients assume the risk that their investment returns may be negative or less than the rates of return of other investment advisors, market indices, or investment products.