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Special Situations

Kershner Grosso also periodically identifies special situations, often recently established micro-cap growth stocks where our in-depth research, including meetings with management, visits to company facilities, interviews with suppliers and product purchasers, and continued contact with company executives, may uncover the potential for attractive long-term capital gains. These companies, though potentially promising, can be risky and unusually volatile. We recognize that our special situations will not be suitable for many of our clients’ risk profiles.

These special situations securities may also have restrictions that limit or prohibit the sale of the security for a pre-determined period of time. The purchase of such securities generally involves private placements into these publicly traded micro-cap securities, and these are organized, in whole or in part, by Kershner Grosso. Any restrictions on the subsequent sale of such securities are fully disclosed to account holders prior to the initial purchase of positions in the restricted securities for their account.