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Investment & Portfolio Management

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KGC Is Your Partner in Comprehensive Investment & Portfolio Management Solutions

There are two parallel paths to portfolio management at Kershner, Grosso & Company. The first is to exceed our client’s expectations regarding service and the second is the disciplined management of client assets. We provide comprehensive investment management services to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, trusts, corporations, and other business entities. KGC also serves as trustee or co-trustee for select clients.


Discretionary Investment Management

The term “investment management services” is defined as providing portfolio management services to clients with respect to the investment of assets in a client’s account. Kershner Grosso provides such services on a discretionary basis, without requiring prior approval. Non-discretionary arrangements may be considered under certain circumstances.


Discretionary Authority

Kershner Grosso holds discretionary authority for every account we manage. We make all investment decisions for the account on behalf of our clients. Our firm, without prior consultation with the client, has the flexibility to buy, sell, and otherwise trade in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, subject to the investment guidelines / instructions that have been established for each client’s account.


Personalized Approach

KGC is committed to getting to know our clients and understanding their needs and goals in life. Each client is different and unique, and the portfolio objectives and strategy are tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. We review the portfolio goals and objectives regularly with clients, either by phone or meeting in person, to evaluate any evolving needs and implement changes as needed.


Ongoing Communication

We touch base regularly with letters or by e-mail regarding our current investment strategy or to report changes in portfolio holdings and the reason for those portfolio changes. Kershner, Grosso & Company also has a team of accountants and attorneys it works with that can assist, if needed, with complex estate planning or tax matters, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients.

Investment Supervisory Process


Initial Consultation & Assessment

We start by conducting an in-depth discussion with each new client to understand their investment objectives and risk tolerance. This allows us to gather essential information and insights necessary to tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs and goals.


Personalized Investment Planning

Based on the assessment from the initial consultation, our team develops personalized investment plans for each client. These plans are developed to align with the client’s investment objectives, taking into account their risk tolerance and financial goals.


& Management

Once the personalized investment plans are finalized, we take proactive steps to implement strategies. Our team manages the portfolio, ensuring alignment with client objectives and risk tolerance. We make adjustments as necessary to optimize performance and mitigate risks.

Expert Judgment
& Experience.

Our investment advice and portfolio decisions are informed by the judgment and experience of Kershner Grosso’s principals. We conduct thorough analysis of all available information to guide our investment strategies. Clients assume the risk that their investment returns may be negative or less than the rates of return of other investment advisors, market indices, or investment products.

Take proactive steps towards managing your portfolio effectively.